Look At Yer One

‘Look at yer one, all yellow… notions!’
This piece is part of my Still Life collection where I try to channel the humour and emotion of real-life situations using still life as the subject matter. I gravitate to apples in many of my pieces because to me it represents the American roots within the Irish story.
Moving to Ireland came with so many delightful surprises. I could not have possibly imagined what was in store for me as I boarded the plane at 21 years of age. My father had just passed away and one of our last plans was to take a trip to Ireland. I was determined to make the trip for the both of us and still to this day I imagine him laughing along with me at the nuances of life as an American in Ireland. I know NOW there are completely different meanings to phrases such as “Can I get a ride home?” and to never mention a ‘fanny pack’.
My interpretation of ‘Look at Yer One’ was particularly comical as someone leaned in to say this, I heard it as ‘Look at your wan’. The immediate panic….what is this wan I needed to draw attention to? Was it a part of my body like an arm? Did I have something on my face? Was my zipper down?
Situations like this bring me such comedic joy it is inevitable they will come though in my paintings. When painting these apples, I was immediately brought back to this day and many others, inspiring a series of self-deprecating still lifes which I hope will bring joy and laughter to others.

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