Soft Day

'Soft Day' is part of my Impasto collection illustrating the landscape and emotions of Ireland.
Inspired by Streedagh beach, like many of my paintings, but also represents any strand found in Ireland or abroad. It speaks to the beach lovers whose soul is recharged in the presence of the sea.
When I first moved to Ireland, I lived in Grange Co. Sligo. It was a break in my life that I needed and it was amazing. I came from a very dark period in my life to a haven where I could let go, go wherever I wanted and be whomever I wanted (at 21 I didn’t know who that person was yet but I sure had fun finding out). It was a time in my life for healing, independence and adventure. As such this piece is bright to represent this light positivity of recharging your soul.
Many things have changed about the village and surrounding areas but one thing remains constant, the beach. Streedagh Beach is a common reoccurrence in many of my paintings because it is my source for inspiration, joy, solitude, strength and nostalgia.
Viewing this piece my intent is to remind you of the feel of a soft beach breeze, the taste of salt on your lips, the smell of the healing sea air and the feel of a long exhale from a breath you have been holding for far too long.
Where do you recharge? Have you had a place in your life that has changed you for the better?

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  • Laura, this is just beautiful! I love hearing more about you! Love your website!!

    Linda Claark

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