Small World

This piece is part of my Soft Moods collection illustrating the landscape and emotions of Ireland.
We live in a small world, able to see loved ones across the globe with ease, but in times of Covid this world crashed in on us and became impassable. The view depicted in ‘Small Word’ is bitter sweet, looking out over the beautiful Irish coast and Atlantic Ocean with tiny houses dotted along the landscape where we are now confined. These times have redefined how we look at the world. The Earth with its beautiful, rich landscapes; now temporarily free from the pollutants and congestion of human life. There is a calming peacefulness here. From our new reality where we are restricted to only our living spaces, we look out at the world around us; so big, so far. Neighbours may as well be on the moon. We recoil into our safe spaces and wait. Wait for a day when the world doesn’t seem so large or us so small. When we can say with a carefree tone and a smile ‘Ah jeez it’s a small world‘.

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